Miscellany Monday

1)  I love love love getting emails/responses from sweet fellow bloggers.  I know they are all so busy with children, family and blogging.... but for them to actually take time to send me an email or a response to an email gives me an indescribable feeling.  Truly.makes.my.day!!!  So, thanks, girls!  Thanks for taking the time.  :)  OH and I can't forget, those bloggers that also take time to comment on a post.  You girls ROCK!

2)  Since Easter has come and lent is over.  I got my first sip of coffee yesterday morning during breakfast.
3)  I've been obsessed with these chicken salad's I've been making for lunch every day.  I'm actually craving them.  Which is odd for me.  Ingredients: grilled chicken, green olives, lettuce, cole slaw, cucumbers, shredded mozzarella, purple onion, cherry tomatoes and italian dressing.  Yum-O!
4)  I have so many projects that I've (and Jer too) been working on lately but none of them can seem to get completely finished.  Fingers crossed we can get most of them completed this week.

5)  Right about now, I'm SO wishing the 2012 election was over already.  It consumes our t.v. when the hubby is home in the evenings.  I mean, I understand it's important, but geez, I like my DIY and reality tv not the news channel.  :)

6)  We are sad to say that Boston got pretty sick Thursday evening until well....now (although he's getting better!).  Every Tuesday, I go to my mom's church group and drop him off at the children's ministry while I attend my group.  Well, just about every other month he gets sick from other babies there.  Typically, it's a cold but one time he got strep!  :(  This time he started his usual runny nose on Thursday evening and Friday, it went down hill.  He's a pretty tough fella with a high pain tolerance but this time something was different.  Friday morning he had a temp of over 102.  I called our pediatrician on Friday evening and her nurse called back telling me that if his temp stays like that for 3 days then to bring him in....WHAT....3 days?!?!  102 is way too high for this momma's comfort.  Why in the heck would I wait a whole 3 days?  Makes no sense to me.  So, Saturday night, when his temp got to 102.8, we packed up and headed to an urgent care for kids.  My instinct told me to just go!  And lo and behold....he was diagnosed with a double ear infection and strep throat!  The doctor even showed us his puss pockets in the back of his throat.  I was sick to my stomach that we waited as long as we did before taking him in.  Our poor baby was suffering for nothing.

The Cook household has implemented a new rule: the moment he gets a temperature more than 101, we are taking him in that minute.  No, if, and's or but's about it.

But....we did get lots of cuddles out of him.  He actually sat and watched (and occasionally fell asleep) the majority of the movie Happy Feet.  Da-da loved his snuggles with his B-man.

 While we waited for the doctor to come in, he was a bit sad....
but his favorite YouTube videos made things better.  :)
With that said, we were forced to stay home for Easter.  But we made the most out of it...having an Easter "family day." *Easter post coming tomorrow.* 

7)  Is it crazy that I'm already starting to plan Boston's birthday party (it's still 6 months away)??  Well, I've actually just been narrowing down the theme.  And I think I have one chosen (for now).  :)  A hint would be found on my Pinterest account.  ;)  This year, it'll be a little more low key and lower priced.  Because we've decided that we are going to go on a trip for his actual birthday which lands on a Tuesday.  We want to go somewhere beach-y (we're thinking Florida).  He would have a blast playing in the sand and water.  So if any of you have any recommendations, they'd be greatly appreciated!

We wanna start him young and get him used to traveling.  Some of you already know, we are huge travelers.  Jer and I have traveled every year for going on 16 years.  Nothing has stopped us, not even being 22 weeks pregnant in Boston, Mass and 24 weeks in Cancun, Mexico.  Yup, we took two trips in one month and it was lovely....and....

.....not even having a 9 month old stopped us from going to San Francisco last year, which by the way, I can't believe I NEVER blogged about.  Eeekkk!  Wtheck?!  I guess I better put that on my "to-blog-about-list.")  Even though it'll be almost 9 months later.  Oh well, what the hay.  However, I did write a post while we were there one night.

8)  One of my best friends, Meghan, is now selling Mary Kay.  She came over one night and gave me a facial.  It was Awesome with a capital A.
My skin has never felt so soft.  That night I purchased a 3-in-1 cleanser and the microdermabrasion set.  I'm in L.O.V.E. - love.  :)

9)  Lastly, check out my new Pinterest, Twitter and Vimeo buttons and come follow along!  :))

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Holly said...

Ear infections are the worst-- poor little Boston. I hope he is back on the mend now. We have the same rule in our house. Thank goodness for Urgent Care's because babies always get sick on the weekends.

I hope you all had a great Easter!

Happy Monday, friend. :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

My goodness! How beautiful is your family!?

So sad your little guy was sick. :( Hope he's feeling much better now! Thank goodness for iphone youtube in a pinch, right? It has saved us LOTS of times.

Hope you had a good Easter! I'm a new reader of your lovely little blog...can't wait to follow along with your adventures (AND travels!)

his little Lady said...

okay, now you are making me obsessed with that chicken salad!
and thank goodness for fun youtube videos that make everything better :)
xo TJ

THE COOK'S said...

Holly - oh girl, i know, ear infections are the pits! But he's doing well now. He's actually eating too! :))

Ashley - Yay for stopping by and becoming a new reader!!! I'll be heading over to your blog to follow along! Oh and you are way too kind. :)) Yup, YouTube videos are the best!

TJ - love your comments!!! that salad is da bomb! :) hope your Easter was awesome!! :))

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