Our Low-Key Easter 2012

As I mentioned here that our sweet baby is sick.... it made this year's Easter a not so ordinary Easter celebration.  It was sort of a bummer but it was needed to get our little boy healthy.

I can't believe how much he's grown in one year.  He looks huge compared to last year.
Easter basket with some goodies.  Bubbles, coloring book, coloring puzzle, sports eggs and bubble gun.
This smile cracks me up.
He saw daddy holding it up in the air so he thought if he held it up too bubbles would come out.
Right handed or....
or left handed?!
He was still sicky....so he plopped down and laid for about 8 seconds (yea, I was counting :)) then he was ready to go again.
He's really into throwing things, lately.
He ran over and grabbed a book and sat down.  Really, Bos?  You have a whole easter basket of things to play with.
"Boston and Daddy" Easter pictures:
Family Pictures:
this year's family picture was just after we got back from an almost hour long walk.  we look reaalll good.  ha.  but I wanted to document exactly how our day was and this is it! 
Awesomeness.  My 3 cool guys.
Since we had been home all day tending to our sick boy, we didn't even think about planning for dinner.  So we called in some Dicky's BBQ and went to picked it up.

B's plate, even though he didn't eat not-one-bite.  *we ate on our Easter plates that I got last year at Target after Easter when they were on major sale.*
My plate.  It was yummy.  But I still think Spring Creek is better.  :)
Jer's plate.  Yup - he ate everything!  Except for the potato salad which was a weird orange-y color.
Originally we didn't plan on having B hunt eggs because a) he was sick and b) it had rained most of the day.  But around 7p, we decided that we should just do it.  Mainly since this was his first year to hunt eggs since he wasn't walking last year.  So we quickly threw some clothes on him (like a too short tie, a too short white shirt and some wrinkled shorts) and rushed him outside before the sun started to set.

Since he loves to take direction and put things in buckets, trash or anywhere we tell him, he did a great job "hunting" eggs and throwing them in his basket.
Lately when he falls down on the grass, he doesn't want to put his hands down to pick himself up.  So he asks for help by pointing at us.  Ha.
He's a strong little fella.  He picks up just about everything.  I'm impressed.  :)
He was saying something in his mumbled baby talk.  It's pretty dang cute.
It's not a real egg, silly!
His favorite part was trying to figure out how to open and close the plastic eggs.
I love this face!!!!! (btw - how in the heck does he not look Mexican at all?!?!  Ummm....my genes must be really weak!)
I look forward to next year and getting to do all the things we didn't do this year and experiencing the whole Easter day with: family, yummy food, coloring hard boiled eggs, confetti eggs and dressing him up all snazzy.  :)  


Alli from Life on LeRoy said...

Such a cute recap. The Easter bunny got our little guy a bubble gun as well and he would hold it straight up in the air too and get so frustrated that the bubbles wouldn't come out :)

Alli from Life on LeRoy said...

Such a cute recap. The Easter bunny got our little guy a bubble gun as well and he would hold it straight up in the air too and get so frustrated that the bubbles wouldn't come out :)

Holly said...

A little tie with Toms?! Be still my heart. Boston is a doll!!

THE COOK'S said...

Alli - yay for bubble guns! They are even fun for me! Haha. That is too funny - soon enough they'll get the concept. Can't wait to check out your blog! :))

Holly - ahhhh, you are sweet!!! That tie was on the short side, but he didn't care. hehe.

Emma Litton said...

So cute! Makes me want to have babies!


Valerie Griffin said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! your family is precious! i'm your newest follower :)

Danielle said...

Ok LOVE the bunny ears. Your family is gorgeous!! Love your blog. Newest reader!

Elsha.Rae said...

oh my gosh! how stinkin adorable! love love love! xo

THE COOK'S said...

Emma - you are too funny! And sweet! Oh and....have some babies!! :))

Valerie! you are so very welcome!! i enjoyed reading your blog the other day and all of your guest posts! Aw, thanks so much for becoming a new follower!!! :))

Danielle - Aw, thank you! :) You are way too kind! Aw, love that you are a new reader! I'm about to head over to check out your blog! :))

Elsha - You are so sweet!!! Thanks for stopping by! ;-)

Bethany said...

Oh my word your little boy in those bunny ears is too cute! You guys must have had a blast this year now that he is running around and enjoying all the fun :)

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