Copy Cat

For about a month now Boston has loved to copy his daddy.  While driving one day Jer cleared his throat and we heard Boston do the same thing.  It cracked us up.  Every since then if either of us clear our throat or make a sound like a cough he does it.  Last weekend, we got him on video.  Now we can show him when he's older what a little stinker he was at 13 months old.  :)

Then one day Boston and I were in a store and he heard a kid an aisle over make a screeching sound and he did the same thing.  Now.....that's our "thing" to do during the day or when driving.  He's such a delight to be around.

Another day heard a kid in the store pouting to his mom and....yup, he started mimicking the pouting sound.  Yeah, he's that kid.  Uh oh.

No telling what he'll copy next!  :)

Happy Hump Day,


Vivian said...

So cute! Those kiddos mirror everything we do and say. Hence the importance of being the best example we can be :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Lori said...

so hilarious! he is quite the character and boston is the cutest little name!

happy thanksgiving :)


THE COOK'S said...

Aw, thanks, Vivian and Lori! Love both of your comments!! :-)

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