A Big Ol' Thanks

Thankful for the long weekend and having my hubby home for 4 straight days, my baby, family, friends and Black Friday!  Whew, what a week/weekend.  Ca-razy to say the least.  But loved it .... like a lot.

Let's get started....we have lots to talk about.  

First, we got up Thanksgiving morning and took B-man a bath.  He was so excited, this was the first time he has ever taken a bath in our bath tub.  We knew he loved water but geez, this guy turned into a fish.  no joke.

And yes, I need to get his hair trimmed....but still too attached.  That could be it's own post.  
After he was clean and dressed he went down for a nap.  Jer and I got dressed.  Boston woke up and by that time it was time to go.  But not before heading outside to take our annual Thanksgiving family photo.  If you know me, I'm a lover of family photos and a lover of starting traditions.  Like taking a family photo for every.single.holiday.  Thank goodness Jer doesn't mind it.  

We got our good ol' tripod out, focused the camera just right and after about 5 shots, we got the one....our picture for our memory book.  :)
We then rushed over (yup, we were those people, the late ones.  the ones that I despise until it happens to me :)) to my grandmother's house where we ate like champs.  Yep-I'm currently on a diet because of all the extra pounds I've put on.  I already needed to loose about 20 lbs....now make that 25!  Boo.  

Later that evening my friend, Hannah, and I headed out into the jungle crowds to do some Black Friday shopping.  I was a Black Friday virgin so she showed me the ropes.  We met up about 10pm and decided that since none of the stores were open until midnight we would stop and have a little sip (just one ;)) of a beverage at this place nearby:
We were "those" moms that weren't really dressed for the occasion but nonetheless we had a great time listening to all the great karaoke singers.  and maybe doing a little bit of laughing, but with a good heart, of course.  ;)
About 10 till midnight we headed over to our first stop, Target.  Or Tar-jay when I want to sound fancy.  I was in search of their 550 count sheets that they had on sale for 35 bucks.  And I got a set, but barely.  That could have been bad....real bad.

The check-out line....well, it was zig zag through the aisles to almost the back of the store.  Never seen anything like it.  But we managed to get out of there sometime between 2:30 and 3am.  
The night was still young.  We left target and hit up Babies R Us.  Not packed at all.  It was actually quite nice.  The line wasn't long and we got out of there after about an hour of shopping.

Then we got the munchies so Hannah took us through the drive through of Steak 'n Shake.  I'd never been and it was pretty dang good!  I'll be going back and taking Jer with me.
Our final destination was....yep, Grapevine Mills mall.  Surprisingly there were quite a bit of people there.  We shopped like mad women and finally left around 6:30.
By 7:30 my head hit the pillow!  

Friday - well, I slept and slept and slept some more (actually I only slept until noon).  Jer took care of Boston while I slept.  Once I got up we ate and headed out the door for more shopping.  But I'm pretty much done with Christmas shopping.  High five for me.

I had a blast with Hannah.  She is hilarious and sweet and did I mention hilarious?  Can't wait to do it again next year.

Saturday and Sunday.....welp, those will be coming tomorrow.  Hint: we did a little tree action.  :) 

Happy Hump Day!

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