Invitations: Part 2

So, it's been over a month and a half since Boston's 1st birthday party and I still haven't shared the rest of my invitation making.  You can read about the packaging of the invitations here.

Around the beginning of August I started designing and buying my material I needed to use to make his invitations.  I knew that I wanted to make them so that they were made with extra "love."  :)  And I knew I wanted something different!  I searched the web and found several invitations that I liked and decided to combine what I liked about them all and created my own concoction.  This is what it looked like when you opened the box.
Boston's 1st Birthday!
Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures of the actual "invitation making" part but basically I used a huge piece of red shimmery card stock for the outside which I got from Paper Planet in Fort Worth...LOVE this place. Every time I go in there it makes me want to make all kinds of stuff. Just for fun. You know, in my spare time.  I'm weird like that. I also got my turqouise envelopes for my RSVP cards from paper planet. I got lucky since they ended up being the exact same size as the pocket that's holding the rsvp and the fun facts cards.

When you opened up the invitation here's what it looked like inside:
The elephant was one of my favorite parts of the invitation.  I loved it so much I included it on other decor for his party.  
(and yes, I made a grammar mistake on the invitation that Jer noticed after they were all done and in their boxes!  can you guess what the mistake is?)  :-)
In the pockets are the RSVP's and the Fun Facts About Boston.

I knew that I wanted a more...I guess you could say, "formal" rsvp. So I made the rsvp's using MS Word. In fact, I made everything using MS Word. I love Word, it's so simple. Then I had seen an invitation (can not remember for the life of me where and unfortunately it was before I joined Pinterest) that had a fun facts page in it. I thought that was the cutest idea for people who don't get to see Boston often and don't know fun facts about him. :)
the return envelope was addressed to Boston Cook. :)
the back of the envelope had Boston's address as well
Boston's Fun Facts
Despite it being A LOT of work, I had an absolute blast making these invitations for our main guy's birthday party.  Can't wait till his next party! 

Since it's a busy week for me due to Thanksgiving, check back next week for all things "Party."  Yup - I'll be blogging about all of the in's and out's of Boston's 1st Birthday Party!  :-)



Callie Nicole said...

Oh, the invitation is adorable! You did a great job with it!

THE COOK'S said...

Thank you so much, Callie!!! :-)

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