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Sometime right before B's 11 month birthday we went to Target and got him this walker/rider toy.  We needed to find a walker to help him learn to walk.  So when we saw that this could also turn into something he could ride once he learns to walk we knew this was perfect.  Jer has been big on Boston learning to walk.  So he would always walk him around the house.  Me - not so much.  I figured he would learn when he's ready.  I still look at him as if he's 5 1/2 weeks younger than what he really is since he was born 5 1/2 weeks early.  :-)  I know, I know I shouldn't but I.just.can't.help.it!  It's just one of those things. 
We got the toy and it sat, and sat, and sat....and sat in our living room for a good 3 weeks before we opened the box and put it together (bad, bad parents). 
While I took pictures/videos, B decided that he would chew on some of the parts.
 And...he decided that he'd take off with some of the parts that daddy needed.  I was the fetch girl for daddy. 
 Here she is!  Ready for our B-man to try her out.
 First he stopped to play a little with his Exersaucer. 
Then they had some father-son play time.  I have to say, watching them totally makes my heart melt.  They deeply miss each other throughout the day. 
 This guy is the most ticklish little guy I know.
They had so much fun we didn't even try that day to try-out his walker.  But we did the next day!


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