1st Birthday of a Boy Named Boston

Not sure that it has completely hit me yet but...our baby is now a toddler!!!  The word "toddler" sounds so old to me.  I refuse to believe that my baby is old.  I'd still prefer to call him my infant.  Yes, call me a weirdo but I loved the early newborn stages, I didn't even mind the getting up in the middle of the night part of early infancy.  So now to think that he's a 1 year old makes me extremely sad.  It went by WAY too fast for my comfort.  But on the bright side, we had an awesome day celebrating his one year birthday, Sunday, October 2nd! 

It was a busy busy day so hold on I'm about to throw a lot at you (along with a few videos)...

1) when he woke up we started the morning by making him pancakes (something that I waited to do for this day) for the first time.  He absolutely loved them even without syrup!  I agree, how boring.  But this little guy doesn't get anymore sugar added to his meals that don't already come in his food/snacks.  If he doesn't get introduced to syrup then he won't learn to ask for it!  :-)

Organic Butter Milk Pancakes for the B-Man


2) after breakfast we played!  Lots and lots of playing wore him out so he went down for a nap.  Luckily he woke up just-in-time because we were able to sing Happy Birthday to him right at 10:28am which is the exact time he was born one year ago. 

Happy Birthday to You! from Jeremy Cook on Vimeo.
3) we all got ready and headed out for lunch.  But before we left we took some pictures of us with our B-Man in front of his birthday sign and in front of his Boston fabric.
Look, there's my birthday sign!
One of our most favorite things about him turning one is that he can ride facing forward in the car now!!!
Here's daddy turning his car seat around!
I turned around while we were driving down the road and he would turn to look at me and smile!  He LOVES getting to see everything while driving.  :)
For lunch, we headed to Boston's Gourmet Pizza restaurant where Boston experienced his first taste of pizza (cheese).  He loved it!  His love for balloons has quadrupled in the past few weeks.  Everywhere we go he can spot them in an instant.  As we sat down at our table he spotted some balloons so the manager came over and asked if he wanted one.  After playing with his balloon a little it, unfortunately, ended up busting right in front of his face.  It was so loud and the loudness made him cry just a little.  :( 
Pointing to a balloon.
Pizza!  Yummo!
4) after lunch we headed to our neighborhood park.  Lately, it had been too hot to be outside and enjoy the park so we thought that would be something fun to do ON his birthday.  He had a blast!  His favorite were the swings.  He giggled and giggled while swinging. 
 Watching daddy swing!  Ha.
 I love those little/long legs. :)
Best daddy ever right there.

5) When we got home he took another nap and then we opened his gifts.  We couldn't believe how many gifts he got from his party the night before!
While we opened gifts, he played with our suitcase wheels.  That's his new love, wheels/tires.  :) 
 He even got some TOMS! 
Daddy gets Boston hugs all the time.  They love each other so much.  Love my boys A LOT!!!
6) Then, we all went to the backyard, got into his pool of balls and showed him what bubbles were!  He loved trying to catch and hold them.  He would laugh everytime they would come streaming out!  :-) 
Family time = Pure Bliss 
He could hug Jet all day long but I don't let him so Jet can breathe.  Haha 
The ending of our day was the icing to our cake.  I couldn't have asked for a better little family.

We had lots of laughs and we had such a wonderful day celebrating with him.  The day turned out just like we had planned: PERFECT! 

He's the absolute joy of our lives.  We are ever so grateful that the Lord gracefully chose us to be his parents. 

~ Jeni


Jess said...

beautiful family, such happy pictures!!!

THE COOK'S said...

You are too kind, Jess! Thank you! :-)

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