Blooming, Not So Much

Remember back in May when Jer got me my most favorite-ist flowers in the world here

I loved them oh so much and couldn't believe I finally got some.  I'd always seen them at nursery's, Home Depot and Lowe's but never got any because they were too pricey for my cheap self and I wasn't confident that I'd be able to keep them alive.  Jer says, "Flowers come to our house to die."  :( 

Well...I have some good and bad news...my ever so beautiful, blooming, purple/blue hydrangeas D.I.E.D.  RIP my lovies.  You'll be missed.  I'll never forget you. 

Here's a picture for their remembrance.

I'm still in dis-belief even though I knew this day would eventually come.  There's no green thumb on this momma.  I needed time to mourn, so I let them sit like this on our porch for about a month before I could bring myself to replacing them.  But it was time...Jer thought I was nuts that I hadn't trashed them.

So, a few weekends ago while shopping at Home Depot, I went browsing through the nursery to look for more hydrangea.  There were none...which was probably a good thing.  Then I stumbled upon some $9.99 palms and decided that they were sturdy, heat and water resistant enough for me not to kill (at least, within 2 months) so Jer loaded it into the basket. 

THEN...I didn't stop there.  While I was on my "plant re-placing kick", I decided to get another one to replaced this beauty that sits near our entry.
She lasted a good year!  Remember this picture?  There she is behind Jer's butt (wish I had a better picture of her but you get the point, she's a trooper.  Despite my lack of watering and sun-giving).  Yep, he's pointing to my belly.  We were 18 weeks pregnant here.

I wasn't sure if I wanted another plant just like her but I love their color, tallness and palm-ness.  That's right, I got another palm.  They were selling them for $19.99 which was a good deal to Jer since they were already tall and bloomed.  So we got our dead plants cousin. 

Here are the new additions to our home ready to be potted.
Later that night, after Jer was done fixing a few of our sprinkler heads that were spraying the street, he came over to help me pot them.  I couldn't wait to see their ever-so-green-selves sititn' pretty in their new pots.

Alas, we have her

and him
they complete us our house.  :)
Happy Hump Day!

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