Almost Done Dining Room

Over the weekend, we were 3 busy peeps!  We attended a baby shower (well, I did), celebrated a 2nd birthday party of one of Jer's 2nd cousin's daughter (yeah a little confusing), visited Nana and Grandpa in Weatherford (Jer's mom and step dad) AND we Jer added crown molding to our dining room. 

It was in desperate need of some crown! 

But first, here's a picture of me and my boo at the birthday party.  He was clearly more interested in the other kids than taking a picture with me.  But I'll take what I can get.  :-)  This little whipper-snapper is growing up way too fast.  I'll post the rest of the pictures on Facebook.
Okay, one more just beacause I love his little face.  :)
I can't forget Mr.C (have I mentioned how much I love B with his Gray Converse on...yup, I love them with a passion.  especially when daddy has his on too!)
Daddy even took him down the slide. He loved it!

Our dining room was incomplete...we added our wainscotting a few years back and had all intentions of finishing it off with crown molding shortly after but years passed and Boston came and time slipped away.  So we set out this weekend to finally finish it off.  We headed to our local HD and bought just enough crown for the room.  We made a budget and we came in $7 under.  Yay for us! 

We got home, and I painted it white with Valspar's high gloss enamel white paint that we already had. 
Once it was dry, Jer hung it with his nail gun and this is what we got.
 You notice the corners?  This time I decided that I wanted to fancy it up a bit so we used little medallions in the corners.  We both love how it turned out! 
Oh and...I should say that this room is almost done.  Almost because I still have to caulk and paint it and the wainscotting.  So, until then I can only share these pictures.  Once it's all done I'll show the whole room.  Can't wait.  :)


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