Safety 1st Comes To The Kitchen

It was time!  Time to secure our kitchen cabinets from curious 9 month old fingers.

Boston has been so curious lately.  Mainly curious about Jet's dog food.  He's determined to try it out.  I'm contemplating on letting him try it out so he can find out that it's yucky.  The moment I turn my back, he's at Jet's food and water bowls.  Such is life with Curious George a crawler.  Anyway back to cabinet talk...

So while on one of our shopping excursions a few weeks ago we opted to grab a box Safety 1st Press 'n Pivot Latches.  Simple.  Just my style.  There were other fancy schmancy latches but we didn't want anything too complicated.  When I want in my cabinets I want in them THEN.  We didn't want to have to do some fancy trick just to open the doors or somehow lock ourselves out of them.  :)

My sweet-handy-husband installed them and walla we have latches!
 Our cleaning supplies cabinets.
There's one problem.  We only got one box.  We need about 4 more boxes for the rest of the cabinets.  While installing them, Jer thought we ought to go ahead and buy some for every-single-lower-cabinet-door-in-our-house.  I don't even want to think about counting them right now.  So I'll just say, it's a lot!  But he was able to get the more important ones locked, i.e. our cleaning supplies cabinet.

I have to admit, it's been a little hard getting used to them thus far.  I constantly try pulling the doors open without un-latching the latch and BAM it makes a loud noise hitting the inside cabinet.  But I'm confident that by next year next week I should be used to them.  Fingers crossed.

Oh... happy baby-proofing!

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