10 Months. No Way.

Dear Boston,       
    Today, you turned 10 months old.  It is simply astonishing how much you have grown up in just one month since turning 9 months old.  Just after you turned 9 months old (on July 2), we took you to see the 4th of July parade and fireworks show in Granbury, Mommy and Daddy's hometown.  You enjoyed some of the parade, but spent much of it sleeping across Daddy's arms.  It was so hot that morning, and even though we were under a covered patio, you tuckered out pretty easily.  That night, we watched the fireworks with your Aunts Amy and Mandy and your cousins, Caleb, Paige and Riley.  We had lawn chairs on the bridge they've constructed around the city beach, so we had a great view of the fireworks display right above the lake.  You were absolutely mesmerized by the fireworks bursting high in the sky above the lake.  It was really fun seeing your reaction.  It is definitely a tradition we will carry on. 

        Right after we finished the fireworks show, we headed home, caught just a few hours sleep, woke up really early and headed to the airport to leave for San Francisco, CA, where we spent a full week, taking you everywhere we went.  You, son, are a great traveler and co-tourist.  With you in tow, we picnicked in Golden Gate Park, walked Pier 39, climbed a massive hill to get a bird's eye view of Golden Gate Bridge, took a day trip to the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, visited the Palace of Fine Arts, dropped in at Facebook and drove down the crookedest street in America.  We feel so blessed to have been able to afford you with the opportunity to experience a major city at such a young age.  It is our hope that in your youth you will achieve both book smarts and street smarts, so you can thrive in anything you choose to do in life.  We will continue to include you in our travels around the country and the world, so you can continue to gain a better understanding of the real world and learn tolerance and appreciation for all people.

        Since returning from San Francisco, you have fallen right back into your routine of spending all day with Mommy, seeing Daddy most evenings after he's home from work and sleeping all night.  Daddy continues his habit of coming to get you in the morning and bringing you to Mommy so you can have your breakfast in bed. hehe.  But, all is not the same.  You've really begun to express yourself, occasionally speaking in baby gibberish like Dadadadada or Bobabobaboba, and you can most definitely show a distinction between your happiness and anger or frustration.  Seeing you go through the range of emotions is comforting to us, because you continually prove to us that you are the healthy, growing baby that we hope you are.  Our pride is limitless.

        It's been a really busy month.  Here are just a few of the moments we've enjoyed as a family with you.
You have been mighty active this month.  Not just by crawling but traveling too.  Not to mention you have had A LOT of Firsts. 
* You got to celebrate the 4th of July for the first time.
* You flew on an airplane for the first time.
*You visited San Francisco, California for the first time.
* You started CLAPPING!
* We lowered your crib bedding so you wouldn't tump over when you stood up in your crib.
* We turned your Exersaucer from a sitting to a standing exersaucer.
* You tried Mangos for the first time and love them.  You are an awesome eater.
* You have graduated to 12-18 month jeans and you are in 12 month shirts.  You have a long torso like your daddy!
* You had your 9 month check-up and you weighed 22 1/2lbs and you were 30 1/2 inches long!  The doctor told us what a great job we were doing with you.  :)
* You love to open and close doors.
* You love to stand up on anything and everything!!!
* You rode in a taxi cab for the first time. (without being in your car seat!)
* You tried jarred/packaged baby food and DID-NOT-LIKE-IT.
* You love having your daddy time in the evenings.
* Had Cheerios for the first time.  (first non-organic food you've eaten)
* You are almost a Pro at grabbing your food with your pointer finger and thumb.  :)
* You experience the sand, beach and the Pacific Ocean for the first time.
* You took pictures in a photo booth with us for the first time.
* You tried out some of Jet's dog food.
* You love to make noises and hear your voice, whether saying dadada or mamama or screaming!
* You still love to dance...all the time!
* You got to ride on a carousel for the first time.
* You went to Hawaiian Falls for the first time.

        You are an amazing little boy.  Your parents love you deeply.  We look forward to every moment we spend with you for the rest of our lives. 

Mommy and Daddy

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