Expanded Exersaucer

What does expanded Exersaucer mean you might ask.

I have the answer.  It means that we have a growing baby boy that no longer needs to be sat in his exersaucer that Jer and I loved so much. We loved giving him immobile playtime in the mornings as we or I ate breakfast. It kept him occupied for the 30 minutes or longer sometimes (I really didn't like leaving him in it for long periods at a time, I'm into spending quality/physical time with him instead) that it took me to get my morning started.

Anyway, back to the expansion. So...in order to help him with his standing technique/experience we decided to breakdown his exersaucer into a "standing" exersaucer where he could walk around it. A few days after we got back from San Fran Jer did what he does best (loves to do) and broke out his tools and expanded that baby.

Here's a before picture.
Ok, one more.  Just because I think it's a funny one.  I love his personality.
But, of course, not without some help from his "mini-me." I have a feeling these boys are gonna love making things together. I sure hope Boston becomes a handy-man for his future wife like his daddy is.

I should mention that since we couldn't find our paperwork on the directions of how to break this thing down Jer had to look them up on YouTube on his phone.  What would we do without YouTube...or the Internet for that matter?  Oh and I should also mention that I couldn't shoot a better photo of Jer doing his "man thing" because he was in his tighty whitey's, not really he was actually in his green Gap briefs...I know, I know, TMI but a blog wouldn't be a blog without the intimate details of our family.  Or of Jer's roo's.  (Sorry, Jer, but it comes with the territory).

Here are my boys in action, getting down to business with some expanding-exersaucer action.
WOW, this is cool, Mom!  I'm pretty sure that's what B's thinking. 
Yeah, he likes it!  It's like a whole new toy for him.  What makes him happy, makes momma happy.


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