Dedicating Boston to the Lord

After nine months, we thought it was way past time that we dedicated our son to the Lord.  So we've decided to do that on August 14th!  We are super duper to the 10th power excited.  We are Jesus-loving-peeps and we know Boston will be too. 

This past weekend I worked on his invitations.  Noooo, I didn't order them, I made them. :)  I love making invitations.  I even made our wedding invitations.  And it was fun. 

So for Boston's invitations I knew I wanted to make them and I also knew I wanted something simple but a little boy-ish and religious so this is what I came up with. 
I made them out of gray and white cardstock, typed out the wording on MS Word and used baby blue ribbon to add a little accessory to them.  They were easy peasy to make and didn't take long at all.  Now on to the planning of the celebration lunch afterward.  This week, I'm be working on all of the organizing.  This is a big day for our family and for our sweet son so I want to have it all prepared ahead of time.  :)

After the dedication, it's FULL ON BIRTHDAY PLANNING!  Woot woot. 


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