A New Stair Accessory

Baby Gates!  Since Boston is getting more mobile we wanted to be sure that he couldn't start climbing up the stairs...or down the stairs when we are up stairs playing in the gameroom which is something that we're gonna be doing a lot of when we finally move all of his toys that take-up-way-too-much-space in our living room.  Jer mentioned he would like to see our living room cleared of most of his baby things (minus his little diaper caddy, so we can change him downstairs if we need to), so the plan is to start playing upstairs during the day since we now have a flat screen on the wall, a couch and all of my crafts up there.  The tv is good for our music listening.  Instead of having the tv on, we jam out to music (mainly 80's since that's my favorite genre).  We even dance to music.  Boston likes it when I pick him up and dance with him like he's my dancing partner. :)  He smiles and giggles when I spin/turn him.  Okay, okay, enough about dancing...back to some baby gate talk...
Another thing we did this weekend was bought baby gates and put them up.  Again, Jer had a joy in using his tools.  He hadn't gotten to use them a lot lately so he was excited to get going on putting up the gates.  We bought 2 gates from Babies R Us that are the Munchkin brand.  Jer got the upstairs gate up and went to install the second gate at the bottom of the stairs and noticed that it was too short.     
this is serious business
well done, Jer
B-man testing it out. 
So for now we only have the upstairs installed until we get a bigger gate. I really like one that the brand Summer makes. But then again, I want them to match. So fingers crossed that Munchkin has a bigger size.


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