The New J-O-B for Mr. C

Most of you know by now that Jer started a new job yesterday.  Here's the short story without going into most of the boring details...

His previous firm, within the last 2 years lost a big client and is about to loose another.  So earlier this year, one of the main shareholders of the firms held a meeting and stated that it would be wise for them to start looking for another job.  One associate did and found another job recently but Jer held off.  Then, the firm started cutting benefits to try to save money, which in turn put a lot of costs on us.  Jer didn't agree, had a few words about it with one of the partners and immediately started looking for another job.  We knew that it was only a matter of time before they started taking drastic measures to save money so Jer knew it was time to go.  He held off looking for a job hoping things would get better with this firm.  Jer never wanted to leave that firm, in fact, he thought he would end up retiring from there.  He had been there for over 6 years and loved aviation litigation.  However, instead of looking for another job secretly, Jer decided to let the partners know that he was going to start "looking" but they let him go the following day.  Since then it's been about 3 weeks.

For the past 3 years, Jer represented Randall Perez (Dinah, my ex-sister-in-law's dad) in a litigation matter and within that matter worker's compenstation was involved.  Well, the attorney for the compensation lien was Tim Stanford from the firm Downs Stanford.  So, while looking for another job, Jer noticed that Downs Stanford had a position open for a litigation attorney so Jer immediately emailed Tim letting him know that he was on the market and Tim directed Jer's email to Jay Downs.  Jay responded to Jer's email within 2 hours and did sort of a mini interview with him on the phone.  Tim knew Jer's work from the Perez matter and knew that Jer was an excellent/fantastic/hard working/intelligent/a heck-of-a-good attorney...okay, okay, I better not go over board, Mr. C reads this blog (wouldn't want his head to expand).  :-)  Jay had Jer come in to interview that next Monday and by that Thursday Jer was offered the job.  The only thing was Jay was going out of town for 12 days and wouldn't be back until June 22 (yesterday), so he asked Jer to start that day!

In short, Jer got let go on a Friday, had a phone interview that next Thursday, then had a "real" interview that next Monday, and that same Thursday was offered the position with the firm Downs Stanford.  Hope you could follow.  :)  Basically, Jer's had a job for 2 weeks but wasn't able to start until yesterday.  So we've had a nice 3 week "vacation" spending time together here at home being lazy.  OH and doing some projects which I'll be sharing with y'all soon!  

Jer's first day went well.  He got situated into his new office and got to know a few of the other attorneys.  Jer's not good with change and it's all still new but with time we know he'll settle in and become more comfortable with his new "place."  :)  Luckily, this firm doesn't micro-manage and allows for attorneys to work from home if they need to but Jer won't be working from home for several months.  You might ask what type of law he'll be doing...well, he won't be doing aviation anymore (which is a BIG bummer because that was Jer's passion) but he'll be doing litigation which is a must.  Jer LOVES being in the courtroom and going to trial. 

So...that's the low-down on our new/exciting/could have been scary news!  Hope I didnt bore you too much or confuse you for that matter.

Happy Thursday,

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