Breaking News...we have a Crawler

We interrupt your day to bring you this announcement...we have a Cruiser! 

Boston + hands and knees + forward movement = crawling!  He officially started crawling last Thursday but unfortunately we weren't home so when we got home we immediately got him on video as fast was we could.  We are those parents that are guilty of not letting him down on the floor until we had a camera in hand.  I know, I know, I've admitted it a hundred times that I'm a total mommarrazi...I guess you could say it's an obsession/addiction...like Hollywood is to plastic surgery...but maybe he'll thank me one day for capturing every milestone the moment it happens.  :)  I want to get every-single-little-thing-he-does-on-video-or-in-picture for his my memories. 

His life is already going so fast and he's learning and doing more and more each day that I want to be able to remember what happened and when.  I still keep my calendar out on the counter to jot everything down each day.  Maybe I'll make a scrapbook or something out of my calendar, who knows.  However, I do know that we have at ton of videos and pictures and I'll try to start sharing more videos in moderation, only to not totally bore y'all .

This first video is Boston's First Day of Crawling!!!  The days leading up to June 16th, he would take half a "step" and then stop to sit up.  Here in this video he's actually moving forward.  And every since he's been cruisin'.  :-) 

This second video is from yesterday.  He had his bath and night time feeding but just wasn't ready for bed.  Since he loves his giraffe's in his room we thought we'd sit him down so he could show us his skills crawling to his baby giraffe.  With camera in hand, it was a great opportunity for some footage until he tuckered out. 

Our Little Cruiser from Jennifer Cook on Vimeo.

I have to say that it's really friggin' adorable to see him crawling.  He's also starting to pull up on things.  A few days ago he tried pulling up on his Jumperoo bars and his hand slipped and he bumped his head on the bar.  Then he ended up crawling onto the edge of the tile and bumped his head on the tile.  This kid has a hard head.  He's gotten many bruises over the last week..people are gonna start questioning my mothering skills but these are only the first of many bruises to come.  Thank goodness he's a rough and tumble kina kid and can handle bumping his head.

His favorite person to crawl to is Jet.  He loves his Jet.  Unfortunately Jet doesn't give the same love.  Boston has a tendancy to not just pet Jet sweetly, but instead, he likes to slap his back, close his hand as tightly as he can and pulls back with a big chunk of skin inside of it.  Jet doesn't think that's too funny.  So he turns to Boston and nudges at his hand and runs off.  A few times Jet has actually growled and shown some teeth at Boston.  So we are very careful when they are together.  Eventually, they'll love eachother and play like the brothers that they are.  :)  A momma can only hope! 

Happy Crawling Days to My Sweet Boston James,

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