Jer's Miami Vacation without the Family

The title doesn't sound like I'm jealous does it?  :-)  Well...I may be a little bit jealous of where Jer jetted off to yesterday (yes, on a Saturday!).  I'll let him explain when he gets back, but in short, he went to a conference/golfing/drinking/networking event in Miami.  When he first planned the trip he was going to take both me and Boston.  That changed because we couldn't see us spending money for me to fly there when we are already going on a trip to San Fran.  So we decided it would be more economical for me and B to stay home. 

To top it off, this is a picture of where he's staying.  The Fountainbleu Resort.  Yes, I said resort.  Not just a hotel but a full on resort that people with families go to. 

And another.

Okay.  One more for kicks.

Nope.  Not jealous.  Can you tell?  :)

He's not working by any means. 

He really doesn't even have to attend any of the conferences.  He's basically there to network and (fingers crossed) bring back some business for his firm.  He had to leave yesterday because today he was scheduled to golf all day.  He'll fly back home Wednesday.  Bos and I have been lonely without him.  We aren't used to him not being here with us.  Boston is so lucky to have his daddy around all-the-time to watch him grow up.  So it's been very quite. 

We miss him a lot and it's only been 24 hours.  We have about 72 more to go!  Boo.

The lonely wife,

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Agdmeredith said...

What a hard life that man has to live...

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