It's Picture Time

A few weeks ago, we met up with Boston's cousin, Noah, and his mom Dinah and her boyfriend Anthony to take some pictures of the boys together.  (In case you're wondering...Dinah was married to my brother, Tony, that's how Boston and Noah are cousins).  We met up at the Dallas Arboretum, which is oh so pretty this time of year.  It's HUGE.  We didn't get a chance to walk the whole arboretum but what we did walk was lovely!  Here are a few pictures from the photo session.  These guys were not having it, they were not up to the idea of taking these pictures together.  I guess they thought they were too cool for school.  I mean...pictures.  But we tried anyway.  :-)  Here's what we snapped...
I love these boys
my little stud muffin
don't touch me Boston! 
Boston...why are you touching me? 
Mommy...he's looking at me!!!  haha 
get this kid away from me...somebody 
love him so much 
See that little boy?  I love him A LOT 
flying time = daddy and Boston time
Yep, he's a cutie patootie 
put a fork in me....I'm done 
Noah brought his sports Easter eggs 
love them
goodness, such a handsome little fella 
silly billy  :-) 

Jer and I will be making another trip to the Arboretum with Boston for a day trip next time.  We'll pack our lunch and have a picnic in their nicely groomed grass areas. 


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