Boston, you are 7 months old!

Dear Boston,
      Today, you turned 7 months old.  While we are so, so proud of the big boy you have already become, reaching this milestone is also a bit of a bummer because it's a new reminder that your infancy is not going to last forever (except in our memories).  These past 7 months have wholly changed our lives, and all to the better.  The transformation we have made in becoming your parents has made us better people.  We take seriously the obligation we have to raise you as a contributing member of society whose aim is to leave the world better than you found it.  You are our legacy and, though you are still a baby boy, we are already confident you will make us proud that that is so.

    Over the last month, you have really come alive in your expressions, sounds and actions.  It's an absolute blast to learn each new thing about you.  Here's some of what happened during your 7th month of life:

* You rolled over in your crib for the first time!  We were very nervous the first couple of nights when we would see you in the monitor lying on your belly.  Of course, we kept a good eye on you.  We've learned that you sleep very well on your belly.
* You love to sit up.  We love watching you play with your toys while sitting up all by yourself. 
* You love it when Daddy throws you in the air - the higher the better, too.
* You love to be upside down.  When you sit in our laps facing us, you love to throw your head back and turn upside down.
* You seem to be a rough and tumble boy.  :-)
* You love to smile back at us when we look at you and smile at you.  You are such a happy baby with a sweet personality.  (although, like all babies, you have your moments still).
* You get so excited and you squeel real loud with excitement, sometimes at random times. 
* You love cooing in the mornings. 
* You are such a happy baby when you wake up.  The moment we talk to you, you smile real big and coo.  One of Daddy's favorite times with you is when he comes to get you between 6 and 7am.  You are still a little sleepy and you hold onto him tight until he places you in Mommy's arms in our bed.  You and Mommy seem to love getting up for good at 9am or later...

* We bought daddy a carrier to carry you around in.  You love it. 
* You love to slap/tap your thighs, tables, our arms or anything you can reach.  It's uber cute.
* You started Apples and you love them.  The first bite is always a little too tart-y for you. 
* You started Avacados and you love them.  Which makes mommy happy because they are so healthy for you.
* You started Bananas and you love them.  You eat almost a whole banana!
* You started Organic Brown Rice, too, since Dr. Shori said studies show it's got some very good stuff for you.  You like it and eat it well, even though it seems to have a bland taste. 
* You eat anything we give you.  We, especially Mommy, love that you are not a picky eater.  We hope you stay that way.  :)

* Daddy broke down your bassinet this month.  Mommy wasn't ready to do that.  :(   (It's now in a closet awaiting your little brother or sister).
* We took you to the Dallas Arboretum for the first time to take pictures with your cousin Noah. 
* You stayed in the nursery for the first time at church.  Daddy and Mommy were nervous that we would get called to come and get you.  But you did very well.  We've no doubt that you made a good impression and made the volunteers' day with your sweet personality.
* You got your first cold.  :(  We think you got it from staying in the nursery at church.  This was heart-breaking for Mommy and Daddy.  It was obvious you didn't understand what was making you feel yucky, and it was so sad to watch you lose your breath while crying since you were so congested you couldn't breath out of your nose.  Worst of all, there is little we could do for you except hold you and massage you, since medications are too dangerous to give to you at your age.  But, when we took you to the doctor to let them check to ensure your lungs were not in jeopardy, we learned that now that you've had most of your immunizations it's better for you to get sick sooner rather than later, so that your immune system can practice and get really good at protecting you.  Still, it's hard to watch you suffer.  There is nothing worse to us.

* We bought your Crape Myrtle tree and Daddy planted it in our backyard. 

[Not not sure which is whiter - Daddy or his shirt. LOL]

* You celebrated your first Easter!  So cute with your tie.

* You think Jet is the funniest thing ever.  Especially when he growls.  Here's a recent video of you laughing at Jet while Daddy played with him.  We are certain that the two of you will be friends for a very long time.  We love that our two sweet boys love each other.

You are special and you are loved.

Your Forever Blessed Parents,
Mommy and Daddy

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