Project Overload and No Time

We've been doing some major slacking on my project list.  Actually, I guess I shouldn't call it slacking, I should call it... been-too-busy-to-find-time-to-complete-my-projects.  Most of you know I'm a stay at home mommy aka my full-time job.  This full-time job has really taken my time away from things that I really need to get done.  For months, I have been looking at several rolls of fabric, headboards, my sewing machine, dresser, frames, end tables, crownless walls, backyard and back patio and countless other things (of which, I get from aimlessly wondering around thrift shops and picking up items that are too cheap to pass up.  For this reason, Jer has banned me from shopping at my beloved thrift stores for a good while) that are all waiting on me to turn them into something.  Excluding the sewing machine, which will be used to do some magic with my fabric.  I got it for Christimas from my parents, something I had wanted for years.  I can't wait to break into the box (yes, the box is still un-opened and taped up).  I have many many things planned to use my sewing machine on.  You might be wondering if I know how to sew.  The answer: NO.  I'll be learning as I go.  Ha!  I learned how to ride my bike, roller skate and drive a car, I'm sure I can learn to sew...at least let's hope.  A few Good Lucks and Prayers from you all would be helpful.  :)

The hardest part is deciding which "idea/plan" I should start on first.  I have everything I need to do my projects EXCEPT for time.  I'm in major Project Overload.  It's making me go crazy...I'm so ready to get started on all of them.  So, we'll see which happens first.  Your guess is as good as mine!

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