Our First Easter as a Family of THREE!

We love Easter.  It's such a special holiday for us as Christians.  We had a great time celebrating it with our family all weekend, Saturday and Sunday. 

Around noon we headed to Jer's dad and stepmom's ranch in Soda Springs for lunch/dinner and an Easter egg hunt with all of Boston's cousins.  (Here a few pictures.  All pictures will be posted on my Facebook)

Jer and Boston having an important talk with Nick (Jer's Dad).  :)
Boston's Prize Egg
Jer got to try out his carrier WITH B in it this time.  :)
standing in the field with daddy

We attended church, came home for our family time, Jer planted B's tree, and my two boys got me flowers.  So sweet.  I love them.  THEN, we did the big task of gathering all of B's stuff for the rest of the day.  Geez, he's a little guy but requires a ton of things.  I felt like we took most of our house with us.  First, we went to my family's gathering and then headed to Jer's mom and stepdad's house in Weatherford.  Both had awesome food and a fun Easter egg hunt.  Here are a few pictures of our Easter Sunday.

Boston and his first Easter basket.  He's not sure what to think about it.  We got him essentials: a bunny, of course, sippy cups, a toy and Baby Einstein DVD's.
We think he loves it!  :)
Our first family Easter picture.  I love our little family.
My flowers - Daisy's! 
It's finally planted - yay!! 
Taking a break from all the Easter egg hunting. 
Daddy loves throwing him in the air.  And he LOVES it, too. 
Boston sitting in a highchair for the first time at his Nana's house while daddy fed him sweet potatoes.  

We had an amazing weekend with our families.  We are so blessed to have such awesome people in our lives.  We can't wait to celebrate many many more Easter holiday's with Boston.

~The Cook's

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