B's Bestie and New Friend

Boston and Cash are best friends (even though they my not know it, YET) and we always love hanging out with Cash's parents, Meredith and Kally.  This time we had dinner at their house where we met Jessica, Josh and Emma.  Kally made some kick butt beef and chicken fajitas and all the sides.  We thoroughly enjoyed the whole dinner.  But before dinner we had to have our picture session with the two boys and...a girl!  Emma - she's a 7 month old cutie patootie who is extremely advanced.  They like older women.  Hehe.  She couldn't decide which man to choose from but she gave them equal amount of time looking side to side at them both.  This little lady is already eating whole foods, meaning she eats veggies NON-pureed, but whole!  Her parents gave her broccoli and she chewed them up.  Oh and did I mention she pees and poops in the toilet already?!?!  Oh yes, she's a major catch!  :-) 

Aww, they love each other
cutest Batmen I've ever seen
Cash you're pretty cool...
...oh wait, Boston you're pretty cool too.  Decisions, decisions.

We had a grand ol' time Saturday night with these "little people" and their parents.  Can't wait to do it again, soon. 



Jessica Millsap said...

Aww my baby girl is a big ole flirt! Love the pic :D

Agdmeredith said...

We had such a great time too! Can't wait to see you guys again.

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