B's 1st Easter gift

Last Easter was uber special for us.  That's when we revealed our pregnancy to our families which you can read/watch HERE.  So, of course, this Easter is uberly special too now that we have our little guy.  Naturally I wanted to get him something for his Easter Egg hunts that he could use for many many years.  I ordered this adorable basket from Pottery Barn Kids.  It's the Large basket with the blue and green liner monogrammed.  The total was around $70.00 but I figured if he used it for 10 years then that's only 7 bucks a year!  :)  At least that's my justification for getting a not so cheap basket.  It's also big enough to grow into.  The size is perfect.  When he turns 5yrs he'll thank me for getting the bigger size.  Hehe.  I can't wait to fill it with some special things. 

My 1st Easter gift from mommy and daddy!
We love you B,

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Eric and Ashlee Smith said...

Too cute! Boston is the sweetest little guy!

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