W&D... the new couple in the Cook household

We have a new couple that has come to live in the Cook home as of today!

  Our new pearly whites a.k.a. Electrolux
4.7 cu. ft front-load washer (Model #EIFLS55IIW) and
8.0 cu. ft. Perfect Steam dryer (Model #EIMED55IIW)

We like to think of them as a S.T.E.A.L. because that's what we feel like we did, stole them from Lowe's.  Actually we got them for pennies (a pretty pretty penny, but nontheless, a penny) compared to what they are worth.  We are pretty dang proud of ourselves.  How did we get them for so cheap you ask?  Well I'm glad you ask.  We got so many discounts we have to break them all down for you to get the full effect of how much we saved.

First, Lowe's was running a 15% discount off all Energy Star appliances, so the washer we bought, which originally ran $999, was reduced to $849.  Lowe's was also selling all other appliances at 10% off, which reduced the dryer from $999 to $899.  Then, because the Lowe's in Southlake did not have the washer/dryer pair we wanted in stock, the salesman offered us the demo/floor models at an additional 10% off, which reduced the washer to $764 and the dryer to $809.  We also wanted to have the pedestals for them, but those ran $229 apiece.  But, yet again, our salesman came through, offering us 2 new pedestals for a mere $100 each.  To make things even better, we had saved all of our debit card reward points from Chase and used those to get $350 in Lowe's gift cards, all for simply using our debit cards as credit cards.  Finally, we have also submitted our receipt to the State of Texas rebate program, which is funded by the Obama stimulus package, and we expect to get back another $175 for buying an energy efficient washer and recycling the old one.  With such great savings, we opted to buy an extended warranty for the washer and dryer at $90 each, extending the warranties up to 5 years.  In the end, we'll have spent less than $1,600 of our own money for over $2,800 worth of appliances/warranties.  That is a STEAL for sure.

The primary purpose for our shopping for a new, energy-efficient washer/dryer combo is that very soon we will be doing lots of loads of laundry involving cloth diapers.  [NOTE:  This will be the subject of an upcoming post.  We are starting to use the cloth diapers tomorrow].  We are told that older generation washers can use up to 50 gallons of water for one load of laundry.  Our new washer uses about 9.  In addition, new washers are able to finish a load in half the time (ours, 18 minutes to be exact) it takes older washers to do so.  Modern dryers are also much more efficient, since they come with state-of-the-art sensors in them that help stop the dryer from running longer than needed.  These advancements are very impressive.  Adding Boston's diapers to our laundry will now be much less of a burden - financial and otherwise - and will allow us to do our part in preserving the environment.

Yay for us,

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