the new white kid on the block

About 3 weeks ago, I started looking for a new entry table and knew I wanted something similar to a buffet table.  I think I had seen it on another blog but can't seem to find that blog for the life of me!  So I got on my favorite trusty ol' website, Craigslist.  I searched for dressers because I knew one would work for what I wanted to use it for and I found this one:
We paid more than what I wanted to but it's VERY sturdy and everything about it was in perfect condition despite some gum left over from a child that I guess didn't know what a trash can was.  Anyway, we paid 200 bones for it.  Yeah, not really my kind of price, but when I searched for something similar on Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel's websites I found that all of their dressers/buffet tables were $600 and higher so I naturally felt better. :)  The look I was going for was white with silver knobs.  I needed to lighten up my foyer, it felt too dungeon-y (I wouldn't look that up in the dictionary) and I knew white would do the trick.

We started off by taking all of the hardware off.  We attempted to take the drawers out but they weren't coming off.  Ideally, we would have taken them out to paint the fronts of them.  But, oh well.  Then, Jer lightly sanded the whole dresser; the fronts of the drawers and the center door.  We needed to rough it up a little bit so the primer and paint would adhere to the wood. 
then we painted on a light coat of primer (Glidden GRIPPER) and let it sit for a few hours.   
dresser coated with primer
I used Rust-O-Leum spray paint in metallic silver and sprayed all of the hardware with a few coats. 

The whole project took less than a few hours of total work spread over a week.  We tend to get lazy sometimes and are also a little ADHD about projects, going back and forth from one to another, to another and back to the first one, etc.  Nonetheless, we got it done, with 2 coats of paint and a round of touch-ups once it was back inside the house.

and here she (she's a she because she's so puuurrty) is
and an upclose picture of the silver hardware
to show you the difference the new piece makes, here's the foyer before (very doinky and dark)
and here's the foyer after.
The wall art is going away soon and I haven't decided if I want to keep the lamps there.  I'll also show you in more detail the decor we have on the top of the dresser, later.  I have a few tweeks I have to do.  I have an idea of what we'll be putting on the wall in place of the art work, so stay tuned (in other words - come back)!  

Jer and I both love the new look.  Since it's the first thing you see when you walk into our house, we are glad it turned out like we (I) had envisioned.  :-)

Happy Monday,

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Agdmeredith said...

Looks great. Your projects are turning out amazing. I'm thinking about putting you to work over here!!!

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