V-day celebration #1

Saturday night we enjoyed our "Valentine's Day celebration #1" with a very nice dinner and great friends at Truluck's.  Us girls are '98 graduates of GHS...whoop whoop!  Ashlee and Eric, Elizabeth and Ryan and Crystal (her husband was lucky enough to be on a ski trip - yeah, I was jealous too).  It's not very often that we get together but when we do we always have soooo much to talk about!  Our main topic (as you can probably guess) was...BABIES!  And it was fun since all of us are either moms or expecting a.k.a. Crystal.  Her baby bump was uber adorable.  Can't believe she's 31 weeks!  :)  Being a new mom, I love hearing about other moms experiences with their little ones.  I didn't go picture crazy like I thought I would.  Even though I love using my new camera.  I refrained from being a paparazzi only because the restaurant was so nice and I didn't want to get kicked out.  But we did manage to get a few pic's at the end of the night. 

the girls with The Dudes

I must say, I have some really cool friends.  :)

P.S. You should try Truluck's for a special occasion!

P.S.S. Jer and I worked on a project this weekend that we can't wait to share.  It'll be posted soon (I know, the suspense is probably killing you).  Check back later!  :)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone,

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mim and company said...

Cute pictures! Ashlee had the best time. Hope ya'll can do it again!! Love reading your blog

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