crib sleepin'

Yep, it's true, our big boy did some Crib Sleepin' the night of Valentine's Day!!!  I'm offically a very very sad mommy.  It's as if he's packed his things and we sent him off to college.  But I have to admit, he did very well!  Jer and I decided that v-day would be the day.  A day we would always remember. 

our sweet angel sleeping peacefully

Here's how it went down: I fed B his bottle (more milk than usual so it would take longer to eat), burped him, told him "know that I love you despite what happens tonight", kissed his cheeks until my lips were tired, stood up and kissed him some more, reluctantly walked up stairs very slow (as if I wanted to loose a race to the top), kissed him a little more and gently laid him in his crib.  He fell right to sleep.  Jer and I (actually Jer did) said a prayer standing over him in his crib and we left the room.  Never thought we'd be saying a prayer about our baby sleeping in a crib.  :)  But that's par for us!  Ha.  We walked downstairs with his monitor glued to our hips, well not really, but we couldn't stop watching it (as we tried to watch tv) because we kept hearing him breathe and move.  I guess that's what babies do, breathe and move, who knew?!  :) 

The day after, he took his daily naps in his crib.  It was kinda nice because I had the whole downstairs to be as loud as I wanted.  And then again, last night, we put him in his crib for the night.  For now we think we both have to be there to lay him down.  I'm convinced he won't sleep well if he doesn't have both of us there to wish him a goodnight.  ;-)


*Boston, my love, thank for being our baby.  You are perfect.  ~love you, mommy*

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