my new baby

Welp, I finally got it, my new baby...I mean camera!  A Nikon D3100 DSLR to be exact.  For about a year now I had been wanting a new camera that will capture everything for our family.  I'm that obsessed mom who wants to capture every move my little one makes.  Poor guy probably thinks that this little black thing that's always in front of my face and flashing is a part of me.  What he doesn't know is mommy has an even better camera to use on him (and I can practice learning it on him)!  Hopefully over time it'll be second nature to him, at least I that's what I'm gonna think.  ;)

Anyway, about the camera, it has video capability and it came with an extra lens that shoots 55-300mm.  It was a package deal from Best Buy.  We also got a few accessories: camera case, 2 UV lens shields, tripod for videoing, 16G highspeed memory card and Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Premiere, which will allow me to edit pictures and videos.  Best Buy didn't sell replacement batteries, but our plan is to get an extra battery when Batteries Plus starts carrying them for the D3100.  Boy do I have my work cut out for me.  I'm excited to learn how to use this baby, but a little intimidated, too! 

So, soon y'all will start seeing many pictures taken from my new camera.  What, y'all are excited?  I know, me too!  ;) 

Me and my new love

We'll see how I like it in a about a month when I've had time to play with it!  Hopefully she'll go easy on me since I'm an amateur. 

Happy camera loving to me,

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