our snow day: 2.4.11

This was our second snow day of the year and I was determined to take little man out for a minute or two to snap some photos for his memory book.   I didn't want to miss my opportunity to get him out there for this experience since I wasn't sure if we'd get another snow day this year. 
His wardrobe for that picture session included:
*two pairs of socks
*a long sleeve onesie
*another long sleeve onesie, with feet (which I call footies)
*a hoodie with ear flaps
*a thick sweater jacket with a hood
*mittens, I mean socks.  Yep that's what I said, socks!  I had no mittens and I wanted to be sure to keep his little fingers from freezing off (he might need them someday) so I threw some white socks on them.  You might be able to see them in some of the photos.  I meant to take a close up of them but didn't.

Boy was it cold, but he was a trooper.  It was a little bright for him and he could barely keep his eyes open.  We managed to get some photos that he'll we'll remember forever. 

this was the jacket we started out with but clearly it was too tight and he made sure to tell me


We had a great 15 minutes out in the snow and that was all we needed.  :)


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