good ol' tummy time...or not so good

At B's 2 month check-up back in December, Dr. Shori told us that we need to be doing 25 minutes of tummy time a day.  Not so much.  How about 25 minutes of tummy time throughout a span of 2 months, would that work?  Anyway, as you can imagine, little man is still not a fan of this thing called tummy time.  He looks up at me and for a second I think he's actually "ok" with it.  Then within in seconds people, it goes from this... 

...to THIS!
Poor guy.  Breaks my heart every time.  So we'll try again another day.  I know, I know, I'm too easy.  But when he looks up at me with a look on his face saying, "Mommy, why are you just watching me get tortured?" what am I supposed to do?  Pick him up and cuddle him, that's what.  :) 

Our 4 month check-up is next Tuesday (which we are very excited about since we'll get to find out how much this chunkster weighs) and Dr. S is probably going to ask how tummy time is going and if he's rolling over yet.  Sooo...that's when I'll cue Jer to answer the questions.  :-) 

Happy Thursday,

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