Here's a little bit of what's been going on, recently.  I'll start with our favorite little person.

Being the crazy mom I am, or should I say, the overly-documenting mom I am, we know the exact dates of everything new Boston does.  Like, on Christmas Eve he started cooing for the first time!  (which we've taken quite a bit of video of, some of them we are keeping to ourselves, but some I'll be posting when I get the time/motivatoin.  Hehe.)  I won't bore you with each date, but since then he has started looking at us and smiling when we talk to him and trying to make the same facial expresssions we make.  And no, I don't "baby" talk to him.  I just make really funny faces.  Ha.  He probably already thinks I'm a big nerd.  The other night, Jer and I were laying in bed and we happened to have Bos laying between us.  Jer looked over at Bos and started sticking his tongue out and Bos starting doing it too.  We were so amazed by this.  We couldn't believe it.  Jer would stop for a little bit and Bos would just sit and stare at him as if he was waiting for Jer to do it again.  The moment Jer did it, Bos did it.  It was too funny.  Our next excitment will be when we get to hear his little giggle.  The sound of his voice right now is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! 
**However, since he was born 5 1/2 weeks early the doctor said he'll be 5 1/2 weeks behind developmentally until he hits 18 months.  At 18 months is when he will be compared to other 18 month olds.  But we are totally fine with that because he's right on track with his gestational age.  :) 

Like most people, one of my new year's resolutions is to loose this baby weight!  I say one because I have several that I'll share in another blog.  So, my goal was to start working out last Monday, BUT something more important (like watching a show I dvr'd) must have come up.  So, since I didn't start on Monday I decided to start this coming Monday, the 10th.  Something about starting on a Monday is a must with me.  It would be weird to start on a Tuesday or maybe I'm just weird.  Regardless, that's the plan! 

What an "up and down" week its been for him, work wise.  But the good thing is that we are in an "up" right now because as of last night we know he's definitely going to start his trial on Monday.  Unless something, again, happens.  This trial has been continued 3 times already.  That's litigation for ya!  We are hoping it settles at some point on Monday but if it doesn't the trial could last a week and a half.  I plan to attend Monday and Tuesday to watch him in action.  He absolutely undoubtedly loves everything about trial.  Not me because right now he's at the office preparing instead of spending the weekend with me and Bos. :)  Plus, it doesn't help that he is a MAJOR procrastinator but he says he works better under pressure.  Anyway, please pray he wins his trial for the sake of the Perez family!  It's been a very long 3 years for them.

That's all for now.  I hope to have our recent pictures uploaded and included in our next blog.   


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Mariah said...

Your such a cute mommy! I hope you enjoy this wonderful journey and take time to treasure all the little things...it will fly by!

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