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It's been another crazy week filled with...finishing that thing called the nursery, watching Boston grow up (which takes up most of our time), trial, re-doing a lamp, Goodwill shopping and SLEEPING!  That's right, our little man is sleeping 7-9 hours at night!  For 6 nights now he averages 8 hours a night.  THEN, he wakes up to feed and goes right back to sleep for another 2-3 hours.  Hence the reason I'm able to update our blog this morning.  :)  Most people would be very happy, and I am, but it also makes me a little sad that he and I won't have our nightly feedings (bonding time) together anymore.  It also means that the munchkin is growing up.  Something I wish would go reeaaallllyyyy slow.  Plus, this means that something dreadful is about to happen.  Yep - having him sleep in HIS bed up stairs.  Eeekkk.  :(  The sad face is because I will be super sad to know that he's up stairs all by himself.  Doesn't make momma happy at all but daddy thinks it'll be good for him.  I give that a big thumbs down.  But he is outgrowing his bassinett and might even tumble to the floor because he's gotten so heavy.  It's sqeeks/creeks when I lay him in it.  Not to mention, he's almost the lenght of it.  This is what our room looks like with his stuff in our room with us (rough lookin', I know):

We have used his bookshelf as our dresser for all of his stuff.  And we've kept his chair in our room too.  But once he moves upstairs, it all goes with him.  THEN, his room will be complete!  And I can finally post the pictures of our 8 year nursery project (well it seems like it's taken that long). 
*P.S. - if I can talk Jer into it, I'd be interested in "co-sleeping" with munchkin.  I've heard some pros and cons so I'm gonna do some research.  Maybe that'll be a different post on what we decided.  Thoughts, anyone???

Over the weekend, I took a trip to Goodwill in search of some picture frames.  This is my new hobby, Bargain Picture Frame Shopping!  I love buying frames for pennies, not really but almost, and painting them.  This time, I got about 5 frames for 10 bucks and painted some black and some white.  These will go up on the walls of munchkin's room.  But you'll have to wait to see them finished and hung.  *Coming Soon*. 

This lamp:
we got from Jer's office.  It had been in his office un-used so he brought it home one day, I took a look at it and new I could do something with it.  A few days later while munchkin and I were out running errands I ran into Lowe's and found this:

I loved it because it has somewhat of a texture, not to mention I loved the color, too.  That day we also stopped by Ross and picked up a tan with brown trim lamp shade.  I knew it would match perfectly with the brown paint...and this is our new beauty:
a close up of the paint in natural light

Also while we were out, I ran into Hobby Lobby.  They were having a 50% off sale for custom framing.  I have 2 newborn pic's that are 12x12 that I needed frames for.  And since I couldn't find any at the thrift store, I figured I'd spend a little dough and have them custom made.  And when I mean dough, I mean a little over $200 after taxes!  Yep - I'm crazy, I know.  I didn't know framing was THAT expensive.  They'll be ready in about 2 weeks and I can't wait.  I especially can't wait to hang them!  They'll be the ones over the crib.  I couldn't decide what I wanted on that wall.  I had always pictured several newborn pictures but I think I've finally decided to just put those two pictures up.  That is, if I end up liking them there once they are hung.  We shall see!

And for those of you who have asked...trial was a big No Go.  Jer was ready to try the case and feeling good about it and even picked the jury.  But the defense wanted to try to settle at a mediation.  Guess they were scared of Jer...at least that's what I like to think.  :)  Yep - you guessed it - it settled.  So there you have it...

*You may be wondering why I'm referring Boston as Munchkin...in short, because it fits him for now.  It may change later, but for now that works.  Plus I could call him hamburger or some other funny name and he'd never know.  :)

Until next time, 

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