2010 in Rewind

Of the 14 years that Jeremy and I have been together, this was the best year of them all!  Here's a look back at our favorite year, in rewind.  :)


Celebrated our first New Year's with our baby boy.

Our first Christmas as a family of 3!!! 

Boston turned 2 Months! 


Our sweet baby turned a Month Old!  Couldn't believe how fast that month went!

Jer and I had our first date night.  Although we had a great time we missed our son A BUNCH. 

We finally got our stroller.  Walks through our neighborhood are planned... 

We laid Boston in his crib for a nap for the first time - but it hasn't happened since.   

We had a little progress in the nursery...Jer hung his letters.  The nursery will hopefully be done very soon! 

This Thanksgiving was extra special since it included the Love of Our Lives.  We can't wait for many more to come! 


Goodness, what a HUGE month this was for us. 
By God's Grace He gave us the best gift we could have ever prayed for - Boston James Cook. 
He is absolutely perfect.
There were hundreds of pictures to choose from.  Here are a few:

The last picture of our family of 2...

Meeting Boston James for the first time - Perfect! 

Our first family of 3 photo 

Taking our little Angel home!!!  This was the best but scariest drive.  :) 

We're home! 

First pediatrician appointment the next day. 

First bath.  He was so tiny and I was so nervous.  :)

Boston's first time in his room!  Even though it wasn't finished we, of course, had to document this day. 

My first time using my Baby K'Tan sling.  Still today, Boston loves it!  I take it everywhere with me.  It's so much easier than getting out the stroller.  Plus I like him being snuggled up to me.   

Halloween 2010 


We had two baby showers this month.  We still had two more scheduled, but didn't get to have them since Boston came so early. 

Baby shower #1 hosted by, Jenny, Lauren, Tiffany, Stephanie, Cecilia, Samantha and Sandra.  They did such an awesome job.  Thank you!!!

Baby shower #2 hosted by, Adrienne, Marylynn, Cindy, Melissa and Anita.  Loved this shower, too.  Thanks, girls!!! 
The next weekend, we attended a baby CPR class.  This happened to be the day before I was admitted into the hospital due to developing Preeclampsia. 


This month, we were busy attending 3 baby classes and preparing the nursery.

Hanging clothes in Boston's closet for the first time. 

Jer showing our class how to put on the K'Tan 


4th of July

In early July, Jer and I celebrated our 4th anniversary in Boston.

Later that month, we took a trip to Mexico with our best friends, Lauren and Casey Jones.  We celebrated mine and Lauren's birthday's.  We had a blast relaxing in the Mexican sun for a week.  We can't wait to go back. 


We had fun registering for our baby gifts. 


I got to celebrate my first "Mother's Day."  
My flowers from my sweet husband. 


We got a picture that changed our lives for ever...8 weeks along... 


Best day of our lives, March 20, 2010.  We got a truly positive reading!!! 


We celebrated our 14th Valentine's Day together!  It's our tradition to get chocolate covered strawberries every year.

Valentine's picture in front of St. Patrick Cathedral, where we were married.

Snow day! 


We rooted for the Longhorns to win the National Championship!  Jer's Alma Mater.

went ice skating for our date night

We are excited to see what 2011 has in store for us! 

~The Cook's

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