Learning ABC's about Jen

Age: 30
B - Bed Size:  King, wouldn't have it any other way!!
C - Chore you hate:  dishes!  Eewww. 
D - Dog's name:  Daisy and Jet (both toy poodles, well actually Jet is more like a HUGE toy poodle, if not, a medium sized poodle)
E - Essential start your day item:  breakfast.  Within 10 minutes of waking up I'm hungry. 
F - Favorite color:  it's a tie between purple and pink and now blue to put on Boston.
G - Gold or Silver:  gold for now.  It used to be silver.
H - Height:  hmmm...well I've been measured several different times with different heights.  I know, weird.  So I'll just go with between 5'0 and 5'1.
I - Instruments you play:  none but I took piano lessons as a kid and would love to learn the piano again.
J - Job title:  MOMMY!!!  The best job I've ever had. 
K - Kid(s):  yep.  One.
L - Living arrangements:  our house we built and moved into in 2006 shortly after we married. 
M - Mom's name:  Gloria
N - Nicknames:  jen, jeni, jc, jeanie (pronounced like Genie, from my mom), miha or mosca (from my dad not sure how you spell them, they are Spanish)
O - Overnight hospital stays:  when I had my appendix taken out and when I gave birth to my munchkin
P - Pet Peeve:  people that smack when they chew.  Diiisgusting.
Q - Quote from a movie:  don't have one.  Not much of a movie watcher.  I always fall asleep.
R - Right or Left handed:  right.  But I eat with my left.  Yes, I am different. 
S - Siblings:  one brother.
T - Time you wake up:  depends on when Boston wakes up.  We are on his schedule, for now.
U - Underwear:  cotton with lace.
V - Vegetable you dislike:  I like just about all vegetables.  I've never had brussel sprouts but probably won't like them...they have a weird name.  Not if they are considered a vegetable.
W - Ways/Reasons you run late:  my son.  Yes, I'm blaming the kid.
X - X-rays you've had:  dental
Y - Yummy food you make:  desserts.  Baking goodies is fun to eat.
Z - Zoo animals you like:  the monkeys of course.

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