Goodbye Tommee Tippee's...Hello Dr. Brown's

Well, after nearly 2 months of using Tommee Tippee bottles they are out the door!  We have moved on to Dr. Brown's bottles and we LOVE them!  Actually, Boston loves them.  We originally were going to use Dr. Brown's bottles and even registered for them.  But after taking our baby classes, our instructor told us that she recommended Tommee Tippee's and Adiri bottles for breastfed babies so that they don't get any type of nipple confusion.  Apparently, Tommee Tippee's and Adiri nipples are supposed to be more "natural" in the way that they are shaped.  Well, I guess Boston didn't think so.  Every time we would feed him a bottle it would constantly spill out of the side of his mouth.  His burp rags were always filled with milk from of all of the spilling when he ate.  We were convinced that that was just the way his mouth drank out of bottles.  However, after some frustrating nights, we finally decided that the nipples on the Tommee Tippee's just didn't jive with Boston's sucking and we were going to try a different brand.  So, while I was at my friend Elizabeth Luton Fuller's house, I had mentioned to her that I was thinking of switching to Dr. Brown's bottles to see if it would make a difference in Bos's bottle feeding, and she graciously sent me home with one of hers to try!  Well, we haven't been back!  We've kicked those Tommee Tippee's out! 


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