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Each month on the 2nd I put Boston in a shirt with the number of months he is and I take photos of him sitting in his chair to document his growth.  His first month I took a onesie to EmbroidMe in Southlake and had them put "1 Month" on the front of it and I did the same thing for his 2nd month, too.  However, after I had already gotten his second shirt done I saw on BabySteals (which I'm a fan of on Facebook) that they were advertising some stickers that pickysticky.com sells that are exactly what I had been putting on Boston's shirts.  They are stickers that stick onto the front of the shirt that have a number for each month.  They are adorble.  And, they are reusable!  They have both boy and girl styles to choose from. 

BabySteals advertises several times a day baby stuff that is 50% off.  They often have some great things.  This was the second time I had ordered from them.  The first time, I bought 6 GroVia diaper inserts that were 50% off.  Within the next month or two, I plan on switching from disposable diapers to reusable diapers, which will be a separate post. 

I look forward to his 12 month photo to see how much he has changed within the first year of his life!  Below are his 2-month photos with his new stickers on his shirt. :)


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