Date Night

This past weekend Jer surprised me with a date night. I love surprises! He arranged for my parents to come babysit Boston while we had a night out. He's so thoughtful. :) We used to have date nights often and when Boston came, we hadn't had anytime to go out alone. I'm glad he made it happen. I probably would have waited for a year to go out. It was hard to leave Boston at first, but I just kept telling myself that this a perfect time for him and his grandparents to spend time together. Needless to say, we talked about him a lot while we were out. We missed him so much but got frequent texts on how he was doing, which were mainly that he was sleeping. It was nice to be out with Jer but it was really nice to come home to our son!

While we were on our date night, we stopped by the mall and picked up our Angel Tree babies. Jer and I both agreed that we want to teach Boston the act of giving and the virtues of charity. Our plan is to get Angel Tree kids each year for Christmas for Boston to buy things for, until he's old enough to choose his own way of being charitable during Christmas.


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Brooke Pool said...

Reading this post reminding me of Landon and I on our first dates after a new baby. We would always feel strange like something was missing in the car ride and at the resturant. We would also talk about our children almost the whole time, LOL! Children are such an amazing gift, they change every part of your life. It's an wonderful feeling. I am so happy for both of you.

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