Working on the nursery

We finally got around to getting a few things for the nursery. I wanted to work on putting his name up on the wall of his room. And I finally decided how I wanted to do it. I'm totally into doing things with canvas and using Mod Podge. So I went to Hobby Lobby and got some scrapbook paper, canvas, mod podge, acrylic paint, some sponge brushes and letters that spell out his name. Once we put our scrapbook paper on top of the canvas we are going to glue on his letters and hang the canvas on the wall. I knew I didn't want to hang the letters directly on the wall so this is what we came up with!

Jer painting the sides gray

While I was at Hobby Lobby I found some ABC scrapbook paper that I thought I could make as an art piece for the room. I'm going to mod podge it onto canvas as well. I wanted to add some color to the room and I think this will be perfect!

Painting the sides red.

Final product

What do y'all think of his name on the wall?


Brooke Pool said...

That was a great idea Jeni and I love it! Good job, crafty Mommy!

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