Another one of Boston's firsts...Church

Last weekend was the first time we took Boston to church. It was our first time to be back since he's been born. I wrapped him in my sling and he slept the whole time until about 5 minutes before it was over. It was nice being back. We attend Gateway in Southlake and it was the first weekend in our new awesome huge church. We didn't have time to take a tour but we will very soon if we can get there early enough. One of the first rooms we walked by before we entered the auditorium was a room for Nursing Moms. They had several comfy gliders, blankets and pillows and a huge screen to watch the service while nursing. For nursing moms, this is fantastic! :) We failed to take a picture of Boston's first time going to church, which I'm bummed about because I love documenting his "first" of everything. :) I definitely plan on taking some in the future.

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