The Night Before Boston Started Kindergarten

The night had come.  We had only hours before we would be taking our first born, my sidekick for 4 straight years, our Bossy to school to start his first day as a kindergartener.  

If I could describe it as one word it would be: somber.  I was numb and just going through the motions as I packed his lunch, got his clothes ready and backpack ready.  

But before that, we decided that, as a family, we would be sure to make that night super special by reading together + praying together.  Usually, we split up putting the boys to bed so we end up reading and praying to one or the other.  
 My parents knew it was such a huge deal for our house/family and they wanted to call and FaceTime with the boys to wish Bossy luck and to tell him they loved him.
 This.was.hard.  Adding to our prayers for the first time: praying for an amazing day in kindergarten!  Whaaa?  That's just weird.  It all came too quick and silently I was breaking down.  Tears were rolling but I didn't want anyone to see them, especially Bossy.  So I saved the waterworks for the moment that we turned off his lights and walked out of his room.
To say that I'm so thankful and grateful to have this photo above, is an understatement.  I'll cherish this photo forever.  It's a constant reminder to take things slowwww from here on out.

We love you Bos-man!


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