Navy Turns 22 Months Old! ADD PHOTO


My my how cool of a little dude you are.  You have such a fun personality.  You're definitely on your own program.  You like things your way and you'll let us know.  It's been a fun month with you watching you grow and become aware of more and more.  This month we sent big brother off to Kindergarten so it's just you and me buddy.  You have definitely kept me on my toes and to keep my mind off big brother being gone, we've been busy.  You've been my errand buddy.  And a handsome one at that!
This is how your month went:
- new word: "dat!" aka that
- loves to put lids on containers.  Every time we give you a sippy cup, you must put the lid on it.  Every time we fill up your bottle with milk, you must put the lid on the milk container.  
- you're awesome at telling us that you need your diaper changed when you've pooped.  You'll come up to us with bended knees and with your hands on your diaper while giving out this "eek" noise and when we ask you if you need your diaper changed, you'll run over to the spot we change your diaper at when we are down stairs.  
- wears size 2T clothing
- loves the song by Matt Maher "Because He Lived" he will start to dance and hum to the words. 
- get told constantly that you look big for your age.  
- loves to dance.  Mainly because you know it makes us smile, laugh and want to eat you up.
- anytime mama wears a shirt with letters on it, you always point to them so that she can say each of them to you.  Over and over and over.

We love you more than you'll ever know,
Mama, Dada and Bossy

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