We Voted....With Toddler In Tow

We are a family of voters.  We vote at every election and make it a big deal.  Photo sessions and all.  Primary's, too.  :)  So this morning before daddy went to work, we dropped off Bossy at preschool and went to vote.  It was Navy's second time to vote.  Last time, he was almost 1 month old and he slept the whole time curled up in my wrap as I "wore" him.  Not a peep out of him.  THIS time, total opposite.  He wanted to cast my ballot for me.  Ha.  So I let him walk around while I finished up quickly.  I had one eye on him and one eye on who I was voting for.  ;)  

But that's okay.  Making memories is what its all about.  Wellll, and choosing the right candidate.  I remember taking Bossy with us to all of our voting sessions and I still cherish those photos.  You learn what you see so hopefully we're training up some little voters who will exercise their civil duty, too!

Typical photo with the Navy-dog.
Passerby-er's were hearing daddy sing to him to get his attention.  Ha!
Until November....


1 comment:

Callie said...

Go you! Our state is being lame and not really voting in the presidential primary. I'm still confused about it.

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