Alone Time with Mr. Navy Cross

Oh Navy!  You are such a cool little guy.  I don't write a lot about our days like I did when your brother was your age, but that's gonna change.  I'm gonnaA to start making it a point to set some time aside each week to write, reminisce, blog, just talk about you.  Mainly for our memory books.  There's so much that goes on during the week and so many changes that happen that I want to document.  I've made sure to photograph you a lot, but I just don't write about you enough.  We need to keeps things fair around here, right?!  :)

So here she blows....my first post this year about just you!  Since my new schedule (which I'll talk about in a later post) allows me more time at home with you we get to play and just be mommy and son more.  This particular day you had just woken up from your morning nap.  Our routine is to change your diaper, let you play in front of your mirror (clearly from all the finger prints) to see "that" baby in the mirror then to read some books.  You loooove books.  You love pretty much all books that I'll sit and read to you but you do have one particular book that you like the most.  The one that we take with us everywhere we go.  It's our saving grace at restaurants, grocery store, shopping, soccer practice....you name it, it saves us!  After reading and sitting on the floor in your room you frolic around and you eventually navigate your way into the next room, the play room.  
 There's something about a baby's tooshie and little legs that give me googly eyes.
 Making a dash toward your closet to get a shoe out.  I find your shoes all around the upstairs.
Trying to push the button on Scout's leg to make it play music.  Like your brother, you too, love Scout.  You sleep with him every night.
One of your Christmas presents (a blog post that I almost have ready to hit publish on) was this Melissa and Doug shapes set.  You are first learning your colors and then we'll move on to learning their shapes.  But between learning the colors, you like to tump the whole thing over to make them all fall off.  You are all boy!  Everything has to be dumped out or thrown down.
Fun fact: lately you will go up to the play room all by yourself and play.  Play for a good 20-40 minutes all alone.  There's so many toys up there that keep you occupied that you must forget that the rest of us (or just me when we are home alone together) is downstairs.

This day, I broke out my camera and just started shooting.  Shooting you play, walk and explore everything around you.  You had your toys and your mama right there with you.  I'd say you were a happy camper.
High up on the list of favorites is this latch board.  It was a toy that your brother played with and loved and now you get to play with it.  Under each door there are animals and every time you open a door we say the animal and then make the animal noise.  

And now every time you open a door you stop and look up at us waiting for us to say the name of the animal and make the sound that animal makes.  It cracks us up.

Here you are about to open a door.....
....and now here you are waiting for me to tell you the animal and make the sound.  Ha
You're very forceful when opening those doors.  You aren't playing around, you mean business.  :)
Your sweet face is so adorable.  This is clearly before you got your first hair cut.  I actually kinda miss it.  It was so "you."  Our little wild-haired man.
I loved that day and want to bottle it up and never forget how care free and peaceful it was.  But after about an hour of playing, it was lunch time.  

I'm happy to say, we've had many more days just like this lately and its so refreshing.  I look forward to those 3 whole days without interruption that I get to spend with you and to capture more memories.  


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