Navy Turns 9 Months

Here's how your month went:
- started eating carrots
- you're now crawling....but backwards
- started sleeping in your crib
- love sitting up and playing with your toys
- still no teeth
- rode in the grocery store cart of the first time
- love blowing raspberries
- makes cute screaming noises
- still wearing size 3 shoes and diapers
- went swimming for the first time in Nana's pool
- so easy to smile
- loves to dance
- started sitting up from the "laying down" position
-started rolling over
- tried mango
- bananas
- tried cherrios
- started eating chicken
- celebrated the 4th of July for the first time
- switched to a big boy car seat
- celebrated mama and dada's birthdays
- went Branson, MO
- you've now been to: Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Florida

We love you!!

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