Amelia Island, Florida 2015 - Day 2

Our second day was spent mostly at the beach.  Jer had to go to a few lectures that morning (and even gave a lecture himself) until about noon and then came back and we headed out to the beach since he didn't have to be back for their dinner until 6:30p.  It was a nice beach day but it was sooo windy.  Windy or not Bossy had the time of his life.  I really think he's a total beach dude.  The water was freezing but he warmed up to it and frolicked out in it the whole time.  He would get out of the water and start shivering.  ha.  
Meanwhile we watched him and enjoyed time with Navy while he experienced his first time out on the beach and touching the sand.
Making his treasure map in the sand.  

Navy's very first time touching his sweet little toes to the sand.  He didn't seem to mind.  
We think he loved it.  :)  Those strap marks are indentions from his cute little sandals he was wearing.  Cutest little chubby feet I ever did see.
Praying?  :)
Yup, he likes it.  Gonna be another beach lover, we hope.  
Wrapped up and napping on daddy's shoulder.
Feeding time.
What a beach bum.  :)
Ending the night with the boys and I going out to dinner at a restaurant in the hotel and me taking a bubble bath.  :)  Although it didn't go as planned.  This sweet little lover buns decided to wake up right when I was getting in.  However, he was so kind.  He didn't bother me and he played with his toys the whole time.  
What a great "making memories" day!

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