Amelia Island, Florida 2015 - Day 1

We took our annual trip with daddy to his conference that he goes to every year.  Last year, we went to Boca Raton with just Bossy.  This year, we brought the new sweet addition with us.  We love traveling and taking our children.  It's all about creating memories and letting them experience new things.  I must admit it was pretty dang easy.  Bossy knows the drill after already flown more than several times in his 4.5 year life.  He's great in airplanes and little man nursed and slept most of the time.  Although, it didn't hurt that our flight was only 2 hours.  

Our hotel stay was amazing.  We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in a suite that was huge.  It was like having a one bedroom, two full bathrooms with two toilet rooms, two full closets and a living room apartment.  The only thing missing was a kitchen.  It was plenty big enough for us.  And the ocean view balcony wasn't bad, either.  :)  

The first day, we got up at 4am, hopped on our 2 hour flight and then got to the hotel room and took a 3 hour nap.  The boys and I got ready and went out to explore what the hotel had to offer while daddy went to cocktail hour with his conference people.
We found the kids area and the kiddie pool so we headed back to our room to get changed.  Bossy couldn't wait to go swimming in the kiddie pool.  So we finished off our evening watching him swim.  
I'm so thankful that we took our bassinet that goes to our stroller because Navy was able to sleep and play in it the whole time we were there.  Everywhere we went he would ride in it.  Even to restaurants that we ate at.  We pulled him up right next to the table as he sat in his bassinet.  If he ate, I'd rock him to sleep and lay him in it while we finished our meal.  It was amazing.  It was like having a portable bed and play pen with us at all times.  One day we even took it off of the stroller and carried it with us to the beach so that if he got tired he could sleep in it with the shade up to block some of the sun and wind.  I made sure to keep some blankets in it along with some of his favorite toys which kept him occupied the majority of the time.  Unfortunately, we'll be retiring it soon since he's way too long for it and he pretty much looked like he was wearing the thing.  Ha.  :)

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