Boston Turns 4 Years Old

Our sweet baby boy turned 4 yesterday.... Happy Birthday, Boston James!

You are an amazing little kid.  Daddy and I often stare at you while you are talking to us, sleeping or even just riding in the car and we are in constant aww that you are our son for eternity.  We feel extremely blessed to get to be your parents.  We are so excited to experience life with you. 

We constantly talk about how "cool" you are // You have such an awesome and loving spirit // You are a comedian // You tell me sweetly that you'll miss us when you leave to go somewhere without me // When you are in trouble you love to ask for hugs // You know how to pull on our heart strings even when we are trying to be strict....like when you are supposed to be in bed but come down stairs 2-3 times after we've taken you to your bed over and over...you will walk in and say, "Heeyy, what's going on?"  with your hand on your hip.  And it makes us laugh // You love to tell mama, "I love you and the baby."  And when you want to make me laugh you like to say, "I love you, the baby and the boods (boobs)!" And even though mama shouldn't laugh she just can't help it which makes you say it even more // You are so independent, you love to do things yourself // You don't like the word "No" // You aren't afraid of much // You love to wrestle with dada // You are very rough and tumble // You are intelligent // You love to make the i love you sign with your fingers and want us to do the same so that we can touch fingers to "kiss" them, its the sweetest

Your day started off with you waking up to a room full of balloons.  
 Since mama had an unexpected doctor appointment to check on the baby we decided to open your presents before we headed out to the doctors office. 

For the past year you had been requesting a telescope for your birthday and then within the last couple of months you have wanted a crane to play with outside with all of your bulldozers, dump trucks and tractors.  While we were out shopping for your birthday presents we also picked up Wacky Lab dinosaur kit.  We knew you would love it.  It's a kit that has rocks that you chip away to find all the bones to the dinosaur.

Once you opened your presents, we headed over to the doctor appointment and found out that mama would be admitted into the hospital for 24 hours to watch the baby which was not what mama had in mind for your birthday.  However, before we headed to the hospital we got to have a breakfast together as a family.  :)
Once mama was checked in, you and dada stayed for a little bit and then headed home to let you play with your new toys!  You were so excited to get back home to play with them so that's what y'all did. Dada set up the crane, taught you how to use the remote control (which you call the kamote control, ha) and y'all played!  

After dada laid you down for nap and only laid there for minutes because you were veto'ing a nap dada set up a little "donut cake" with a #4 candle for you.  He sang Happy Birthday and let you eat powdered donuts for the first time.  And, of course, you loved them.  :)
You ended the night by going to see mama in the hospital.  Mama was SO so happy to see you and she can't wait to celebrate your birthday when she gets home.

We hope your day was awesome and we love you so much, Bossy.  More than we can ever express.  Thank you for making us parents and loving us so much.  We are truly so lucky.

Always and Forever,
Mama and Dada

Here are two videos from your day that dada took.

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