Bed Rest Still Stinks and Update On Baby - 34 Weeks

So last Thursday we went in for the check-up that I mentioned in my previous post.  It was a check-up to check my blood pressure.  But that wasn't it....we also got to see our baby!  That was the best part of the whole week.  We hadn't had a sonogram and seen our baby since week 20 so it was pretty dang awesome to get to see it and how big it had grown.  

My blood pressure wasn't too bad when they checked it but it wasn't good enough for me to end my bed rest stint.  So I'm still stuck on bed rest until my next appointment this coming Friday.  However, I'm so thankful it wasn't high because that would have caused her to immediately admit me into the hospital.  So I get to stay on bed rest at home which is better than last time.  Being home with Bossy and Jer helps so much.  I remember last time being on bed rest in the hospital and even though we didn't have a toddler and Jer worked from the hospital 24/7, he often had to leave to get a change of clothes and let our dog out to pee.  Each and every time I would cry like a baby because he was leaving.  I was a total ball of emotional hormones (or you could say I was a "basket case.")  And if you know anything about blood pressure, crying doesn't it help go down at all!  Soo, I'm so very thankful that I get to spend my time here in my own home where I'm most comfortable and I don't have a nurse coming in every 2 hours poking and prodding and taking my blood pressure.  I remember constantly being woken up in the middle of the night to get blood drawn (to make sure that my liver was functioning properly) and getting my bp taken.  It was the pits.  

During the sonogram, they did what was called a biophysical test on the baby.  Checking all of the organs, measuring it and the fluid to make sure it was A-ok.  And it was!  It got a perfect score of 8/8.  They told us that the baby was weighing in a 5lbs 4oz already which put as at ease because we now know that if it came early (even within the next week) that it would be big enough to do very well in the NICU.  Doctor said that by next Friday's appointment it should be right at 6lbs if everything is still functioning properly.  Preeclampsia can often cause a delay in fetal growth because of the restricted blood flow to the baby.  

Bossy was 5lbs 12oz when he was born at 34.5 weeks and he was perfectly healthy.  He went to the NICU for 3 days under what was called a "feeder grower" baby.  All he needed to do was eat to grow more.  We were beyond blessed that he didn't need any tubes, incubator or oxygen during his stay in the NICU and we are hoping baby #2 will have the same experience since it's on the bigger side already.  
As I sit here and lay in bed, I start thinking about how fun and excited I am to see what this baby is.  Boy or Girl.  It's gonna be so fun to hear Jer announce the gender when its born.  I remember so vividly when he did that when Bossy was born and I'll never forget the emotions that ran over me.  Not only did I have this amazing baby but I got to hear from my hubby what we had made.  Talk about one of the very best moment of our lives as parents.

And, of course, we are thrilled to get to see our baby again on Friday for another sonogram.  Each week the doctor wants to check its growth which is the only "good" thing out of this whole situation.

Since Thursday, so far my blood pressure has been staying about the same juuust under the 140/90 mark so I'm having to stay super careful.  My parents came over last night which made it sky rocket over 150/90 so the doctor said I needed to avoid all visitors!  She also mentioned that I shouldn't be surprised my bp ends up rising even if I stay in bed all day because this disease does/can end up progressing no matter what.  So we are continuously praying that I can make it to at least 35 or 36 weeks before that starts to happen.  :)

To be continued....


Lisa C said...

Praying your BP stays down so you can stay at home!

Sherria said...

I would love to read a post about preparing for baby without revealing gender. I am 4 months and we have decided to wait :)

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