backyard digging

Bossy has found his new hobby.  Digging.  He digs several times throughout the day.  I must say it's the cutest thing.  He'll tell me, "I'm going out to dig a little." And there he goes out the back door.  He keeps his rain boots next to the door, puts them on and heads out to his corner of the yard.  His daddy told him he could dig in that corner since it's the corner where we have the most dirt (for some reason our saint augustine grass won't grow in that region).  

I have to say, when I look out the back door windows and see him out there, it's the cutest sight.  Makes me smile every time.  He doesn't need some fancy smancy toy all he needs is a few tractors, a dump truck and dirt.  I can tell his imagination is exploding out there.  #forthememorybook


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