31 weeks

It's so fun being pregnant.  Probably because I've had it pretty easy.  If I'd experienced all the bad things like nausea and tiredness I wouldn't feel the same, but I have to say these two pregnancies have been very similar but yet different in their own ways.  Like, I feel like this baby is bigger.  And with bigger comes lots of uterus stretching.  And skin stretching.  And feeling very heavy.  This week that's exactly what I've been feeling.  Oh and braxton hicks contractions twice.  

We went in for our bi-weekly appointment last Friday and got to hear baby's heartbeat beating at 146bpm.  It always gives me such a sigh of relief.  Going a month or even two weeks not getting to hear it can always be a little worry-some but as soon as they put that dopplar to my belly and a loud thumping noise starts to fill the room, all worries fly out the window.  I can breathe knowing that baby girl/boy is still growing right along.  

I've had lots of swelling lately.  Mainly at night when I've been on my feet all day.  I'm at the stage where my face, nose and lips get big.  Not all women get puffy in the face but I get to be one of the lucky ones that gets the swollen face look.  So beware.  Not to mention, I get to experience "pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome" in my right wrist.  It happened with Boston, too.  When it happened the first time my doctor told me to get a brace to wear on that wrist to help with the symptoms.  So I pulled that baby out again this pregnancy and only wear it while I sleep.  And let me tell ya, it's real sexy.  :)  The sweetest, though, is in the mornings when Boston comes walking downstairs to wake me up he always asks, "Mama, may I take this off now?" So he does.  That's kinda his "thing" to do now when he sees me wearing it.



K. Seifert said...

We are due around the same time :) I just found your blog and store and I love it, you are an adorable inspiration!

Lisa C said...

You look great!

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